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Elevenses Distillery

Sloe Gin

Sloe Gin

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All the welsh berries for the sloe gin have been hand-picked locally by the family. The sloes are then left to mature for a minimum of three months in our recipe to transfer their flavor to the Elevenses base welsh dry gin. Many people say that the base gin you use for sloe gin doesn't matter, this is false, it matters a lot. Our Welsh dry gin has been infused with ten different botanicals which include fresh orange zest and peppercorn and has gained a reputation for being ultra smooth. 

Note our Elevenses sloe gin has a strength of 25% ABV as this is a legal requirement for a true sloe gin. Many supermarket bought sloe gins will contain the word liqueur. As soon as this term liqueur is added to the label the strength of the beverage can be lowered. Also, supermarket bought sloe gin tends to be made with sloe gin concentrate which is a different flavor altogether. Finally, our first reason for making a sloe gin was for the shooting industry, where it has traditionally been consumed for years. 

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