Hello and welcome - we are a small family run Welsh distillery in North Wales. We are based just outside a village called Felinheli on an estate called “The Faenol” estate. An estate with royal history located on the beautiful banks of the Menai straits opposite Anglesey. It’s a beautiful location and we are very fortunate to be here.

The distillery is run by a father and son outfit - Paul Davies the father and Jake Davies the son. Although, the whole family is always on hand to help when needed to complete tasks such as bottling our deliciously craft gin. A lot of time and effort is being put in place to create gins that can compete with the finest spirits in the world. 

We currently offer four variants of welsh gin. In our selection of welsh gin, we have tried to include something for everyone. Every spirit produced will use the finest botanicals available – using deliciously locally sourced botanicals such as sloes and strawberries too. 

The name of the distillery “Elevenses” Comes from a well-known term in the shooting industry. The founders of Elevenses distillery have been brought up in the Welsh countryside and here shotgun shooting is a common theme. It’s well known to stop at 11 o clock late morning for a small alcoholic beverage – hence the term. 

The estate itself has a busy history with it being the headquarters for the second largest slate quarry in the world at one stage. The estate has been visited on several occasions by the queen mother, princess Margaret, Queen Elizabeth the second and numerous prime ministers. Most of this forgotten by many.....