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Elevenses Distillery

Elevenses 20cl bottles - **set of two**

Elevenses 20cl bottles - **set of two**

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These are our long time anticipated 20cl bottles - just in time for christmas. They come in all our flavours and are available to buy in a set of two in our beautiful flexi-hex packaging decorated with a christmas boe. At this time of year our favourite pair is the welsh dry gin and the hand picked welsh sloe gin. This size of bottle is perfect for a gift too - a lot bigger and more presentable than your traditional 5cl bottles and not two expensive to buy.  

Choose from our five flavours - Orange & Passionfruit, Strawberry & Lime, Welsh Dry, Sloe Gin or Sugar Kelp. Once you have chosen which two flavours you would like, make the purchase online and then send me an email or message to let me know and we will get your parcel sent out.


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