Our Gin


The first step of our gin making process is to buy high-quality ingredients. Like 95% of distilleries, we buy high proof 96% neutral grain spirit from our suppliers. When it comes to our botanicals, some are handpicked and some such as the juniper berries are selected from high quality suppliers. 

Our recipes which are developed in a much smaller 2.5Litre still, have taken months to develop. However, this is often a fun and interesting part of the process. After, developing a recipe its then a case of trying to replicate it in our bigger still. 

We then add our recipe, neutral grain spirit and water to one of the most technologically advanced stills in the world. This is a 250Litre still hand crafted in Poland. It combines advanced technology and the distiller together. 

The still achieves a high-quality spirit which tastes the same from batch to batch. Our gin is made in very small batches only 220 bottles per run at its maximum. Each run can take between 8 & 10 hours to produce a batch of gin. 


We went for a clean, round bottle design. As you will know there are many gins around today, and everybody is looking for new ways to become innovative with their bottle design. We chose to do this by adding a pattern to the label which resembles the fruit inside the bottle. We as a family feel the design is different, simple and eye catching. 

Other artwork to look out for on the label include “Alfie” our boisterous family dog and Labrador. He is the face of the company and can be seen in the centre of the logo.