A bottle of Elevenses Strawberry and Lime Gin next to a refreshing summer cocktail, garnished with fresh strawberries and limes

Fresh and Fruity: The Magic of Elevenses Strawberry and Lime Gin

Hello gin lovers! The weather isn’t exactly giving summer vibes right now is it? Well fear not - we’ve got another refreshing cocktail recipe here to make you feel like the skies are clear and the sun is shining! The star of this delightful concoction is Elevenses Strawberry and Lime Gin, a fresh and fruity tipple that’s bound to elevate your summer soirées. 

Why Elevenses Strawberry and Lime Gin?

Wondering why you should choose Elevenses Strawberry and Lime Gin for your cocktail creations? We’re glad you asked! Apart from its delightful flavour profile, our gin is free from any added sugars and sweeteners, making it a more natural choice for sugar-conscious drinkers. Plus, it’s made right here in North Wales, supporting local production and showcasing the best of Welsh craft gin!

This gin is aimed at those who love their drinks fruity and vibrant. The natural strawberry and lime flavours blend perfectly to create a gin that’s both sweet and tangy, without being overwhelming. Whether you enjoy it in a cocktail or simply with tonic, this gin is versatile and delicious.

Now, enough talk, let’s get to the fun part - making a cocktail that’ll knock your socks off! Here’s a zesty and refreshing recipe that’s sure to become your new summer favourite…

Strawberry Lime Fizz

50ml Elevenses Strawberry and Lime Gin
25ml fresh lime juice
20ml elderflower cordial
Tonic water
Fresh strawberries and lime slices for garnish


  1. Ice, Ice Baby: Start by filling a glass with ice - a perfectly chilled cocktail is a must!
  2. Gin O’Clock: Pour in the star of the show; Elevenses Strawberry and Lime Gin. Take a moment to admire that beautiful colour - it’s giving summer vibes already!
  3. A Squeeze of Sunshine: Add the fresh lime juice and elderflower cordial. Give it a gentle stir to mix all those lovely flavours together.
  4. Top It Off: Top up with tonic water. The bubbles bring a delightful lightness to the drink, perfect for those warm days.
  5. Fancy Finish: Garnish with fresh strawberries and lime. Not only do they add a burst of colour, but they also infuse the drink with extra fruity goodness!

Cheers to Summer!

And there you have it - a simple yet sensational cocktail recipe featuring Elevenses Strawberry and Lime Gin that’s perfect for chasing away those rainy day blues! Remember, life’s too short for boring drinks, so grab a bottle of Elevenses Strawberry and Lime Gin, mix up this summery spritz, and toast to the sunny days ahead!

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